Delivers Results

CanCoverIt eliminates invisible thermal pockets that wreak havoc on efficiency and comfort.

Helping Real People Solve Real Problems

CanCoverIt goes to work right away, and keeps working for the life of the home. The secret is a unique combination of high-quality FSK-faced fiberglass and truly innovative engineering that is designed to work with the heat, not against it.

Saves energy and makes any home more comfortable.

"Before I installed the covers I used a laser temp gun to check the temperature of the light 'buckets' with the light off for a significant amount of time and again after the covers were installed. The temperature dropped around 10ºF. The hot air draft in the house has now stopped and the house remains cooler during the day."

- Todd P. - customer


Thermal Imaging Tells The Story

All Temps in ºF

All Temps in ºF


Holes in the Insulation

Uncovered, can light fixtures are literally gaping holes in even the most thorough insulation job. Through these holes, heat escapes and cold air can encroach leading to higher heating/cooling bills and an overall more 'drafty' home. 


Makeshift Barriers Don't Help

Just covering the opening with drywall and other makeshift solutions does little to change the simple fact: there's a hole in the insulation envelope.

Conduction and convection are still occurring and the problem is still just as bad as an uncovered fixture.


CanCoverIt: Closes the Hole

Even with the vents open, CanCoverIt Universal Series closes the gap and completes the envelope. Safe venting creates a dynamic thermal equilibrium chamber that controls conduction and convection. If you have IC-rated can lights you can leave the vents closed or install Low Profile Series for complete airtight insulation.