Mission Statement

EcoCycleSolutions is a San Juan Capistrano, CA based engineering and manufacturing company focused on delivering innovative, simple, easily applied technology for solving tough construction challenges. Our mission is to introduce innovative, low-cost, yet high-value solutions that not only help to solve ecological problems, but provide long-lasting economic benefits as well. Our driving philosophy is that valuable, sustainable change is best achieved through more moderate behavior and lifestyle modifications that yield immediate, albeit incremental benefits.

As a practical, safe, and simple solution to insulating attics around recessed can lights, the CanCoverIt product fulfills our mission by saving home owners money through conservation of energy and extending the life of non-insulation contact light fixtures.  There is a good deal of confusion, debate and misinformation, particularly regarding airtight sealing around can-light fixtures, convective and conductive energy transfer, and home performance. We believe the  research and field testing that went into the development of CanCoverIt proves beyond a doubt that CanCoverIt is the only insulation barrier for all can light fixtures that safely improves the performance of attic insulation. 

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