Left: Low Profile Series, Right: Universal Series

Low Profile Series

Universal Series

CanCoverIt is developed to meet all users preferences and needs. 

If a customer insists on using a high heat bulb in a fixture because it makes them look better in mirror, then pop open a vent to allow for safe use. If a customer prefers to use foam to ensure a certain seal with less need for precision fitment - then by all means use foam. Some of our best and most respected users prefer foam and others wish to avoid contact with chemical compounds. 

Our mission is accommodate and accomplish superior results; regardless of the users training or personal preferences.

Cover Any Fixture

CanCoverIt is available in two models: Low Profile and Universal.

Low Profile Series is air-tight and ready for IC rated can light fixtures.

Universal Series is designed for all fixtures, even non-IC rated with optional venting

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Real-World Ready

CanCoverIt was designed with building pros in mind. Delivers maximum flexibility with minimum hassle, saving time and money.

Don't waste your time with boxes and other workarounds, get the job done quickly and easily with CanCoverIt

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Complex Simplicity

Universal Series has patented passive venting technology allowing all recessed light fixtures to be insulated, even Non-IC rated fixtures.

Controls fluctuations in temperature and ensures safe heat transfer with no excess waste.

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Pop Open Design

Ships and stores flat, pops open when its ready for use. The design of CanCoverIt is all about making it easy and efficient for you to complete the insulation envelope of any home.

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Helping People Solve Problems

"Armed with a simply utility knife, it took me about 20 minutes to cover 4 can lights... an amazing product and so simple to install that anyone who can properly use a ladder and the business end of a utility knife can do it. Thanks for providing a great solution for my problem!"

- Chad, Residential Real Estate Appraiser; Denver, CO

"The covers are easy to work with and we managed to get in and out in a single day with the added blown insulation. A nice safe & snug home and a happy client."

- Dean Alm, Napa Valley Home Inspections

The Challenge

Can light fixtures are notorious energy wasters; they leave large gaps in attic insulation which translates to wasted energy and money. There are over 700 million recessed light fixtures in ceilings of homes, using various type and strength bulbs, and with various types of thermal protection, or none at all. The Universal Series of CanCoverIt represents the only one-size-fits-all solution for safely blocking, insulating, and stopping as much air infiltration as possible. The Universal Series of CanCoverIt manages air flow by providing the installer with the option of installing the cover in an air tight configuration, or in a configuration which allows some heated air to escape. Since a 100 watt incandescent bulb can reach temperatures over 250° F, there are times when an installer may want to create a small opening in the cover to allow excessive heat to escape. However, when low heat bulbs, such as CFL or LEDs, are used with recessed light fixtures, it is more desirable to seal the fixture completely. The Universal Series of CanCoverIt is the only product that provides the installer with this flexibility. Additionally, if the installer wants to install the cover with a small opening today, but seal it in the future when the homeowner switches to low heat bulbs, the Universal Series accomodates this situation as well. Contact us today and see for yourself why we claim to be the only one-size-fits-all solutions for sealing and insulating around recessed light fixtures.

Our Solution 

CanCoverIt is the first practical, safe, cost effective, efficient solution for insulating non-IC can light fixtures providing complete residential solutions for both contractors and DIYers. CanCoverIt fills an overwhelming need for a safe economically viable and uniform insulating solution.

CanCoverIt's performance advantages over competitor products include: ships and stores flat, pops open without any assembly required, safe and durable to install and can be left in the attic for years, FSK facing and FSK tape ensure an air tight fit once sealed to the attic floor, easy to cut and fit around brackets, wires, and framing.

The Universal Series is the a safe and effective solution for all can lights. The Low Profile Series is an excellent option for IC-rated can light fixtures.