CanCoverIt is the highest impact / lowest cost home upgrade.


In just one afternoon you can:

Cut your heating & cooling bills in half.

Protect against pests, mold & dust.

Reduce drafts in your home.


You Deserve CanCoverIt!


Get CanCoverIt today - install yourself or hire a pro.


Watch to learn how CanCoverIt improves your home: 


CanCoverIt™ isolates can-lights from attic, which stops thermal transfer between your attic and interior, saving money and increasing comfort.

 CanCoverIt - every can-light needs it!

CanCoverIt™ Is Essential For:

  • Non-IC & IC Can Light Fixtures
  • Bathroom Vent Fans
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Air exchange Fans
  • In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Electrical Junction Boxes
   CanCoverIt™ ships and stores flat - pop it open and go!™

CanCoverIt™ ships and stores flat - pop it open and go!™

CanCoverIt™ is the single biggest building efficiency upgrade available on the market, and it can be installed in minutes by anyone! 

CanCoverIt's Radiant barrier combined with non-conduction mold and fire resistant core stops water, air, sound and energy transfer to optimize overall attic R-Value.

CanCoverIt is not just for energy efficiency, but also health, safety & overall building performance. CanCoverIt even improves the performance and lifespan of LED lights!


CanCoverIt is at its best when weather is at its worst.

 Before CanCoverIt - Thermals Run Wild. Not even Airtight IC can lights will help.

After CanCoverIt: Comfort, Efficiency & Safety year-round!

CanCoverIt™ stops radiant energy transfer and controls for airflow.


CanCoverIt™ is the keystone of every building’s insulation.

CanCoverIt™ improves overall building R-Value.

CanCoverIt™ pays for itself in the first few months and lasts for the life of your home!



Contractors & Pros Love CanCoverIt™


“Thank you for producing CanCoverIt, everyone in our organization loves the product. Our sales team loves it because it shows well to homeowners and helps them sell jobs.  Our installers love it because it helps them complete their work faster, and I love it because I now have confidence that my team is using the right product to safely cover can lights in the home.”  Donna Prince, Tidewater Insulation (Virginia Beach, VA)

“After years of searching, I finally found a fast, safe, easy to install can light cover designed to cover all can lights” Dan Ignosci, Comfort Advisors (Ladera Ranch, CA)

"Armed with a simply utility knife, it took me about 20 minutes to cover 4 lights... an Amazing product and so simple to install that anyone who can properly use a ladder and the business end of a utility knife can do it... especially with the helpful instructional video provided on your website!” Chad Sires - Denver, CO (Real Estate Appraiser)



Homeowners Love It Too!


“Love your product, thanks for making a simple affordable project for saving energy any homeowner can do. Now I can afford a great warm tropical vacation.” Kris Chernik - Palmer, AK

"No other product addressed my concerns as well as CanCoverIt.  All told, I used 21 covers to cover 17 can lights and 4 speakers.  It was very easy.” Garrick Gallagher - Phoenix, AZ

"The [CanCoverIt™ units] have been working as advertised, we noticed a difference as soon as they were put in, but also did a series of other improvements, radiant barrier in the attic reduced overall attic temp about 10 degree's which helped support the can covers.  With both changes the house temperature was cooler and stayed cooler throughout the day." Trevor Sim - Hawaii

 Had the high hats throughout my attic covered with your "CanCoverIt" and the electric bill in my house in New York went way down. Great product.


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