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Pro Line Series

Have metal fixtures in a building that are causing headaches?

Commercial, residential and beyond: we have a custom solution for you!

Pro Line Series

For commercial fixtures.

External Dimensions: 22"x22"x17"top (11" side)

The CanCoverIt team are the recognized experts in metal penetration science and treatment. Our approach to thermal conductance in ceilings is comprehensive while being more cost effective than other approaches. We tackle the fixture itself, solving the core thermal transfer issues while saving money that can be spent on other areas of the project. 

We have a Pro Line series cover available, which was developed by working with clients on their needs.

Contact us for more information on ordering the Pro Line cover, and/or send us a form below if you have a special situation.


Solved auto dealership project that found itself in a bind with a deadline coming up fast.

"We got up into the dealership ceiling and found no insulation. The dealership owner didn't want to insulate the roof, and the joists were too complex, so we had to focus on insulating the lighting. [CanCoverIt] are the only ones who make such a thing. I talked to David and he was a god-send, intelligent and fair, he worked up a solution for the job. And they worked! [CanCoverIt Pro Line] gave us what we needed to pass com-check, and there has been no call-back on the lights. Got us in just in time, fast and effective, thanks!" 

- Phil Jordan, PJA Architecture

Enabled a Church remodel to go through under budget.

"We needed to insulate the roof without ripping apart our other work, that meant going over the special lighting fixtures. The custom covers where pretty slick. They went in faster than we allowed for in our time budget. We beat the labor estimate, with 45 minutes per can light specced it only took 25 minutes per light to do [with the Pro Line Series solution]. Nice."

- Larry, Faith Technologies

Assisted an airport remodel with custom solutions.

Solved home art gallery needs.


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