LED bulb diagram.png

Protect LED Bulbs

Every LED bulb in can-lights needs a CanCoverIt housing


All LEDs in uncovered Can-Light Fixtures are at risk      

All Uncovered LED retrofit IC and IC-AT kits are at risk

Exposed LED Bulbs can Suffer:   •  light color temperature changes , if you bought a ‘white’ light of a certain K value, that value can fluctuate depending on the thermal temperature around the LED bulb!  •  lumen degradation : the diode will output less light over time  •  outright failure : usually of the driver, the circuit board that controls the output of the diode.


None of this has to happen with the right protection!


Inside CanCoverIt the entire fixture is in conditioned air, so the bulb experiences gradual and manageable temperature changes.


Ensure Max LED bulb life and best performance with CanCoverIt

Plus you’ll get all the overall efficiency, safety and comfort benefits of CanCoverIt for your home.


Sources for more info on LED bulbs:

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