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"The labor savings with CanCoverIt is enormous."

- James, Environix indoor air quality specialists

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Skip the twisted backs, knees through the board and callbacks to re-do attic jobs: 

Don’t let cheap ineffective covers destroy your hard work and damage your business!

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CanCoverIt helps you do it all!

·   Air-seals and Eliminates thermal transfer

·   Protects and extends lifespan of LED bulbs

·   Improves home acoustics & protects speakers

·   Protects against moisture, mold and pests

·   Enhances homeowner comfort & saves them money


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Universal works for all 6" diameter and smaller can-lights, even Non-IC types, as well as bathroom exhaust fans and air exchange fans.

Low-Profile series is designed for IC fixtures and most fans *(IC stands for insulation contact fixture)


CanCoverIt is Ready to Join Your Arsenal! 

“Before I was building boxes. Then I found CanCoverIt, and all of a sudden my total cost to cover fixtures dropped like a rock. I got a better result without adding cost, actually saved myself money in labor, and it is just plain easier to do. It’s so easy, it’s a crime not to put them in. You better believe I want CanCoverIt, that’s money in the bank for me!”

Rob Calnan, Calnans Energy (Boston, MA)

Thank you for producing CanCoverIt, everyone in our organization loves the product. Our sales team loves it because it shows well to homeowners and helps them sell jobs. Our installers love it because it helps them complete their work faster, and I love it because I now have confidence that my team is using the right product to safely cover can lights in the home.”  

- Donna Prince, Insulation Contractor (Virginia Beach, VA)

“Adding CanCoverIt to my offerings was one of the best decisions I've made for my business.”

- Dan Ignosci, Comfort Advisors (Ladera Ranch, CA)

In my mind time in an attic should be minimized as much as possible.  [...] The labor savings with CanCoverIt is enormous. In our math on these jobs it more than compensates for any extra costs for the can covers. We want to give a really quality service we don't want to skimp but we want to do it fast and the CanCoverIt's have that in spades.”

"CanCoverIt allows the customer freedom to choose the type of light bulb and trim cover that they like for their can light while achieving the best air seal possible, because we're doing from the top we can foam around the perimeter go over all the little undulations between a heavily textured ceiling none of that matters anymore. Because we're air sealing it to the very smooth top side of the sheet rock so those are our two biggest reasons we really emphasize the CanCoverIt over other options.” 

- James Mallory, Environix (WA)


(7 Min)

"What do you like most about CanCoverIt?" 2:04 "What about other solutions like IC can-lights?" 3:31 "Install myself or hire a pro?" 4:12 "Advice for homeowners?" 5:21 "How does CanCoverIt fit into my budget?" 6:23 Read Dan's study


CanCoverIt for Flexible Air-sealing of All Fixtures

24”x24” ceiling section, with a 6” can light in it and ran a series of air leakage tests, at 50 Pa (same as for a blower-door test on a real house)  Johns Manville Research

Fixture Set Up Effective Open Area (in") Leakage @ 50 Pa (cfm) Reduction in Leakage (%)
IC rated 6" fixture no trim 2.64 33
IC w/ CanCoverIt Low Profile 0.95 11.8 64%
IC w/ CanCoverIt Low Profile, sealed 0.06 0.8 98%
IC w/ CanCoverIt Universal 1.1 13.8 58%
IC w/ CanCoverIt Universal, sealed 0.21 2.6 92%
IC w/ CanCoverIt Universal, sealed, vents removed 1.37 17.1 48%

CanCoverIt for Air-Sealing & Thermal Protection:

Don’t be fooled: cardboard boxes are not cheap

Cardboard boxes are wasting your time: they are not effective, plus they cost you time (which is money), and are a future risk to your business due to sagging over fixture and fire-resistant coating evaporation.

Three core properties of CanCoverIt that make it more impactful, effective and easy than other methods: 

1.) Better airsealing:  

Cardboard boxes and some other covers are made of a permeable materials, and are not fully airtight regardless of the amount of perimeter sealant used. At best they are more of a half reduction than a full seal. 

2.) Superior shape: 

CanCoverIt is a square which installers have found works much better in practice for different situations (cutting a circle is harder!) plus CanCoverIt is folded flat before usage making transport much easier (cancoverit takes up less volume in transport, easier to work with)

3.) Load-bearing: 

CanCoverit's shape is designed to be buried. It tapers at the top while resting on a cube, which allows weight to compress it without compromising the shape. Circular covers and regular boxes are not as resistant due to their geometry (see this explainer page for more)

4.) Radiant barrier combined with airsealing: 

Cue to a combination of fiberglass and FSK, CanCoverIt can protect against air infiltration and thermal bridging. This is why Pest control and indoor air quality mitigation companies choose CanCoverIt: keeps moisture well away from the conductive metal.


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