“Love your product, thanks for making a simple affordable project for saving energy any homeowner can do. Now I can afford a great warm tropical vacation.” 

- Kris Chernik - Palmer, AK


Installs in Seconds  Pop Open & Go!

Comfort, Safety & Savings For Life.

(15 Sec)

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Source:  Realtor.com

Source: Realtor.com

CanCoverIt is the essential home upgrade.


Save Money!

Especially if you are considering other work like HVAC, you need to install CanCoverIt!

Whether you want to enjoy your home for life, or are looking to sell, doing attic remodeling is the best return on investment you can do! 

Install CanCoverIt easy as 1,2,3

Universal works for all 6" diameter and smaller can-lights, even Non-IC types, as well as bathroom exhaust fans and air exchange fans.

Low-Profile series is designed for IC fixtures and most fans *(IC stands for insulation contact fixture)


CanCoverIt™ Is Essential For:

  • Non-IC & IC Can Light Fixtures

  • Bathroom Vent Fans

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Air exchange Fans

  • In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers

  • Electrical Junction Boxes

CanCoverIt ships and stores flat - pop it open and go!™

CanCoverIt ships and stores flat - pop it open and go!™

CanCoverIt helps you deliver a more comfortable, safe, healthy and efficient home. 

CanCoverIt can be installed in minutes by anyone! 

CanCoverIt improves energy efficiency, and also health, safety & overall building performance.


Comfort, Efficiency & Safety year-round!

CanCoverIt pays for itself in the first few months and lasts for the life of your home!

Learn More About Why CanCoverIt™ is the Ultimate Solution


Stop home energy leaks!

Install CanCoverIt™

 🏠  Fix ceiling hot/cold spots & drafts. 🏡

🛡 Protect from moisture, mold & pests. 🐀

💡 Optimize LED bulb performance & lifespan.🔆

💰 Save money on cooling/heating costs. ♻️


Homeowners Love CanCoverit!


"No other product addressed my concerns as well as CanCoverIt. All told, I used 21 covers to cover 17 can lights and 4 speakers. It was very easy.” 

- Garrick Gallagher - Phoenix, AZ

"The [CanCoverIt™ units] have been working as advertised, we noticed a difference as soon as they were put in. " 

- Trevor Sim - Hawaii

"Before using the product our can lights would drip condensation into the house on very cold winter days when the warm indoor air met the cold attic air at the top of the can lights.  I installed the CanCoverIt over a dozen lights, and this winter there was no more condensation dripping. I'm sure we're wasting less heating fuel too. Installation was very easy in the attic; simply unfolding the covers, placing them over the can fixtures and sealing them down using foam."

 - Ben Minshall


"Before I installed the covers I used a laser temp gun to check the temperature of the light 'buckets' with the light off for a significant amount of time and again after the covers were installed. The temperature dropped around 10ºF. The hot air draft in the house has now stopped and the house remains cooler during the day." 

- Todd - Midland, TX

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Secure Your Home in One Afternoon.


CanCoverIt protects fixtures, enhances comfort & saves you $$$

Stops thermal transfer between your attic and interior, saving money and increasing comfort.

Rule Your Attic with CanCoverIt

They Upgraded

And Saved BIG!


CanCoverIt™ stops radiant energy transfer and controls for airflow.


CanCoverIt™ is the keystone of every building’s insulation.

The perfect design: Radiant barrier with non-conductive core stops water, air, sound and energy transfer to optimize overall attic performance. Unique shape holds form under load.