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Home Upgrade Case Study With CanCoverIt

As a case study Comfort Advisors Energy Upgrades (CAEU) completed an upgrade on a 1300 square foot Costa Mesa home, that has a crawlspace, which was built in 1961.  The home had the original furnace in a closet, asbestos ducts and a small amount of insulation in the attic that had a lot of rat feces in it.

Our first measure was to have the asbestos ducts removed by AQHI, a company that is licensed to remove, transport and dispose of hazardous material.  

Then we removed the insulation, vacuumed and sanitized the attic.  After cleaning the attic, our HVAC crew came in and installed a new Bryant furnace with a manual fan, R6 Mylar flexible ducts and a NEST Learning Thermostat.  A deck was created in the attic to access the furnace and we also built a catwalk beyond the furnace, so that the homeowner could maintain a radio antenna that is mounted in the attic…

Posted on October 5, 2017 .