Your Home Is A Platform For Our Future


Our home is “where the heart is” - where we feel loved, cared for, safe and secure. Our home is also one our most important investments, and interestingly, on the forefront of environmental innovation and technology. Homeowners own a key part of a better future for greater home comfort, efficiency and cost savings with the bonus of a reduced carbon footprint for all.  Home comfort, security and weather protection begins at the top. Join the growing trend of smart homeowners and Rule Your Attic with CanCoverIt - the clean, simple and effective solution for snug air tight homes. Unlock your home’s smart potential and save big!

Smart home upgrades and technologies are a growing industry, but a “dumb” poorly insulated attic can threaten the effectiveness of any home improvement. Proper attic insulation is an essential element of a functioning, safe and efficient home, yet so many even newer homes do not have proper attic insulation. Home energy loss is not only costly and detrimental for the homeowner but for the environment as well. In fact, the issue is so large that the EPA started the “Rule Your Attic” program designed to motivate homeowners to check their own attic insulation levels and hopefully remedy the widespread lack of proper attic insulation. 

California is even moving toward a Net Zero Energy mandate for all residential homes by 2030. That’s a fancy way of saying every home will need to generate as much power as it uses. This is a laudable goal, yet it also raises a lot of questions for homeowners and building owners. One of the biggest being, how do we get inadequately insulated homes and buildings, whether new or old, to have proper insulation? We can’t afford to tear up and replace everything, we need to fix what’s there.

That’s why CanCoverIt was accepted into the San Diego Regional Energy Innovation Network, to further accelerate the CanCoverIt solution. The SDREIN network is a ratepayer funded accelerator designed to get cleantech solutions to market at scale. Insulation is a category that is sorely needed, yet under-innovated. That’s where CanCoverit comes in. We have effectively disrupted attic insulation, and what was once a cumbersome process to get right (covering attic penetrating fixtures ) is now made simple, effective and long lasting - no more temporary fixes!

CanCoverIt isolates the most impactful, and previously least-treated, area of your attic (i.e any attic penetration: can lights, speakers etc) to immediately render the benefits of a full high-efficiency attic without the need to re-do the entire attic environment.

With CanCoverIt and basic insulation, we can get all homes up to “Net Zero Energy Ready” by improving their insulation envelope where it matters most: the ceiling!  The smart homeowner will see a big savings on their heating and cooling bills and protection for future upgrades like solar. By reducing the load from your cooling system you help your future or current solar system. If you haven’t gone solar yet, get CanCoverIt and a properly insulated attic first to maximize your home efficiency and create a reduction in the solar system specs. That’s what focusing on the attic can deliver for you. Seriously, you owe it to yourself to upgrade your attic and CanCoverIt is the keystone piece that makes it easy to get the perfect insulation envelope.

The CanCoverIt series products are invisible in daily use, yet their presence acts as a major home upgrade. They go in once and work the lifetime of your home. Once you have CanCoverIt installed you’ll be benefitting from a quiet revolution in practical building science that started with individual homeowners just like you pulling CanCoverIt to market. 

The genesis for CanCoverIt began when seasoned contractor, David Hanacek, was tasked by a fellow contractor to come up with a better can-light cover solution. One of the most common issues is with older can-lights that need to stay vented per code, yet that means holes in the insulation right where it matters most! So David stepped up to the challenge to design the perfect can-light cover, not quite realizing just how many metal fixtures had been languishing in attics across North America just waiting for this proper solution.

With the official launch over 6 years ago of the CanCoverIt website, there has been a consistent connection to homeowners who are organically searching to find the optimum solution to their comfort, efficiency and moisture protection needs. From desert homeowners with flickering light bulbs and astronomical cooling bills to cold weather homeowners combatting moisture, mold and heat loss, CanCoverIt consistently performs offering an elegant, simple, and cost effective solution to any attic penetration problem. The invisible upgrade that has so many of our customers wondering how they managed before the CanCoverIt attic treatment.

Your home holds so much of what is precious to you, so make the smart choice, protect your home with CanCoverIt. Don’t let your attic Rule you! Hire a pro or install CanCoverIt - the smart choice for greater comfort, environmental efficiency, future compliance and cost savings. Join the movement #YouCanCoverIt!

Posted on April 29, 2019 and filed under RetrofitRevolution.