Systems Approach to Home Efficiency

Only As Good As The Weakest Link

The dream of the efficient home for all is becoming a reality. Increasing numbers of homes have smart meters that allow intelligent assessment of electricity use. LED lights sip energy and emit gorgeous light, and are finally cost effective. Now connected thermostats and other intelligent efficiency tech are granting homeowners extremely fine control over the comfort of their homes and offering rich data-filled windows into ways to increase efficiency.  As more appliances and devices are brought into the Internet of Things the potential to eliminate inefficiency becomes staggeringly high. Yet while these devices have the potential to remove inefficiencies, many who employ them hoping for immediate perfection are frustrated once the data starts streaming in. Often the data reveals a picture of a home that's working much harder than it should be.

Ultimately any system, especially a home, is only as efficient as its weakest link. In millions of suburban homes that weakest link is right above the dozens of recessed lighting fixtures. The problem is that many millions of recessed lights simply could not be insulated when they were installed; they are non-insulation contact varieties with no thermal cut off rheostats. Thus they had to be left untreated, open channels in your otherwise efficiently fluffy attic insulation. Even modern insulation contact lights are often left untreated as a safety precaution. As a result your can lights are all chimneys working against your home and your wallet. They let the air your heating system worked so hard to warm escape, and the air your cooling system worked so hard to chill become warm again. It's all a problem of invisible thermodynamics. Warm air rises and cold air falls. The untreated recessed light fixtures create channels that encourage temperature/energy transfer at exactly the one spot you don't want any energy transfer!

CanCoverIt fixes the biggest inefficiency in the system.

To achieve a truly efficient home, the entire system must be accounted for. This is what CanCoverIt does; it fixes the biggest inefficiency in the system. Until you have completed the insulation envelope of a home, smart meters and thermostats will only show you how inefficient the structure is, they alone cannot fix the problem. Home efficiency requires a systems approach. But good news! CanCoverIt is easy to install and need only be installed once. After completing the insulation envelope with CanCoverIt you will be free to experiment with fixing the numerous smaller inefficiencies of your home. Until you fix the fundamental inefficiency though you will be frustrated. The primary inefficiency of untreated or poorly treated recessed can lights will drown out any other savings efforts you attempt.

There are further benefits beyond fixing the envelope though. CanCoverIt helps your LED investment last longer. LEDs have sensitive electronics and do not enjoy fluctuations in temperature. By created a pocket of controlled air around the fixture you are giving your LED lights the perfect environment to exist. Properly cared for, the real-world life of your LED bulbs can be extended by 5-10 years, further adding value to your investment and increasing lifetime efficiency of your home.

CanCoverIt is the keystone to an efficient home. It fixes the most glaring problem that has been vexing builders and homeowners alike for decades and allows the smart home to finally become a reality. You need only install them once and enjoy lifelong performance. No moving parts, no batteries, no nonsense. CanCoverIt is fix that enables you to enjoy a truly efficient home and a truly fatter wallet. The dream of the efficient home for all is real, and it’s made possible by CanCoverIt.