Stop energy leaks!

Install CanCoverIt™

 Fix ceiling hot/cold spots & drafts.

Protect from moisture, mold & pests.

Optimize LED bulb performance & lifespan.

Save money on cooling/heating costs.


Installs in Seconds  Pop Open & Go!

Comfort, Safety & Savings For Life.


Your 🔑 to Energy Efficiency and $ Savings

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CanCoverIt - easy as 1,2,3 !

Protects fixtures, enhances comfort & saves you $$$

Stops thermal transfer between your attic and interior, saving money and increasing comfort.


Essential For:

  • Non-IC & IC Can Light Fixtures

  • Bathroom Vent Fans

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Air exchange Fans

  • In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers

  • Electrical Junction Boxes

CanCoverIt ships and stores flat - pop it open and go!™

CanCoverIt ships and stores flat - pop it open and go!™


The Science Proves CanCoverIt

UCSD Engineering Capstone Project Conclusion:

“Based on both the summer and winter conditions, the CanCoverIt improves the insulating efficiency of the home. This means that less energy is required to sustain a comfortable household temperature, leading to savings in both electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Homeowners Love CanCoverIt


“Love your product, thanks for making a simple affordable project for saving energy any homeowner can do. Now I can afford a great warm tropical vacation.” 

- Kris Chernik - Palmer, AK

"No other product addressed my concerns as well as CanCoverIt. All told, I used 21 covers to cover 17 can lights and 4 speakers. It was very easy.” 

- Garrick Gallagher - Phoenix, AZ

"The [CanCoverIt™ units] have been working as advertised, we noticed a difference as soon as they were put in. " 

- Trevor Sim - Hawaii


“Finding CanCoverIt has been amazing for me. It’s been a long time since something has come along that is as good and easy to use as CanCoverIt. CanCoverIt is the fastest solution to a common problem. It’s so easy, it’s a crime not to put them in. Love your product.”

- Rob Calnan, Boston, MA

"The labor savings with CanCoverIt is enormous. We want to give a really quality service we don't want to skimp but we want to do it fast and the CanCoverIt's have that in spades."

 James Mallory, Environix (WA)